Sewer Draining in Dearborn Heights MI

Sewer Draining in Dearborn Heights MI

For more than 15 years, RootBGone Sewer and Drain Cleaning has served the great people of Dearborn Heights, MI, with exceptional around-the-clock service when disaster strikes. Several factors can cause sewage backups, and some remain outside of homeowners, or businesses’ control, leaving them with a real mess on their hands, costing money, and causing downtime. When a sewer backup occurs, you need a team of expert, insured technicians who can quickly fix a sewage backup and prevent future backups from happening. At RootBGone Sewer and Drain Cleaning, our family-owned business will be ready to answer your call, provide accurate, free estimates, and carry out any necessary sewer draining repairs or maintenance. We work hard to get the job done right the first time and keep your sewage and drain systems working the way they should.

Preventable Sewer Backup Causes

Sewer backups can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which can be prevented by homeowners or businesses. By taking proactive steps such as not disposing of non-flushable items like cooking oil, grease, and other items that are likely to cause a sewer line to become obstructed, homeowners can significantly reduce the chances of a sewer backup. For Dearborn Heights businesses that heavily rely on their sewer draining systems, like restaurants or bars, installing drain catches to keep food waste from entering a line and adequately disposing of grease and cooking oil can be effective in preventing sewer or drain issues. Regular preventative maintenance of sewer and drain systems is recommended yearly for homeowners and more frequently for businesses like restaurants or bars.

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Sewer Backup Causes May Be Out of Your Control

Unfortunately, the causes of sewer backups are often out of the control of home or business owners. Tree roots and years of wear and tear can damage sewer lines. Heavy rains or storms can also overwhelm sewer lines and drains, leading to a backup. The only way to prevent these types of backups is with regular inspections and cleanings of the lines leading into the sewer or drain system. Our Dearborn Heights MI team of plumbers uses advanced methods to clean, inspect, and prevent sewer backups from causing havoc. We use bore cameras that can inspect the condition of pipelines, locate areas of concern, and find blockages. Using high-pressure water jets or industrial drain snakes, we can remove deposits in the lines and flush out clogs, significantly decreasing the chances of a sewage backup. Our team can also conduct repairs of damaged sewer or drain lines when they are detected with regular inspections and make the necessary repairs. Regular inspections save you money as a homeowner or business owner in the long term, preventing the damage and clean-up costs that a sewer backup incurs.

Prevent Sewer Draining Problems in Your Dearborn Heights Home with RootBGone Sewer and Drain Cleaning

With regular inspections and cleaning, followed up with adequately disposing of grease, food waste, and other non-flushable items, you can significantly reduce the chances of a sewer backup and catch any problems that may be developing in a sewer or drain line before they lead to system failures. At RootBGone Sewer and Drain Cleaning, our Dearborn Heights technicians pride themselves on around-the-clock emergency service, free estimates, and quality work. We believe in getting the job done right the first time and in giving our customers accurate diagnoses for any problem they encounter. As a family business proud to serve the Dearborn Heights area, you get friendly, insured local service that we proudly stand behind. Contact us today to schedule preventative sewer draining maintenance by calling us at (734) 800-9277, and get a free estimate today.

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