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Professional Sewer Cleaning Services in Metro Detroit, MI

Your sewer is one of the most vital parts of the plumbing system - it transports waste away from your home, and needs to be kept in great working condition. The experts at RootBGone are trained and equipped to handle any sewer cleaning job required. They will use the latest equipment and techniques to clear blockages while avoiding damage to other utilities. Not only will our technicians clear blockages and manage current issues, but will also work to prevent future problems such as leaks or flooding.

We utilize advanced techniques such as hydro-jetting to alleviate issues causing sewer drain backup, as well as making general sewer line repairs and replacements. Our staff will work with you to identify the best options available to remedy blockages in your sewer.

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Identifying Sewer Line Problems

There are a few common reasons why a sewer line may back-up or have issues, some are within a homeowner's control and some are not. Blockages caused by oil, grease, and even soap can be prevented with proper care. However, issues relating to the soil or ground around the line, or exterior problems like tree root blockages may be out of your control entirely. Regardless of the cause of your sewer issues, our technicians are always ready to assist.

By keeping an eye out for noticeable signs of blockages, sewer line issues can be identified and managed before they cause real problems for your home or business. Contact our team immediately if you notice any of the below problem signs:

  • If sewage builds-up around the floor drain, it means the water from the sewer line has nowhere to go and has entered the secondary drain.
  • Drain blockages may be a separate issue, but if multiple drains (bathtub, shower, toilet) are experiencing the same back-up problems, it may be a sewer line blockage instead.
  • Drains with foul smelling water backing up may be an indicator of a main sewer clog.

If you suspect a sewer line blockage but are not quite sure, give our experts a call and we will identify any issues. We are able to use state-of-the-art video inspection tools to get a closer look into the drain and spot blockages right away.

Sewer Cleaning Services

Professional Sewer Cleaning with RootBGone

RootBGone proudly services the Metro Detroit area and Wayne County with some of the best sewer cleaning work offered in Michigan. Our technicians are well trained and perfectly equipped to handle any job. Please feel free to contact us with any questions pertaining to our services and business.

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